Open Source Contest

Compete to be the best contributor!

Open Source Contest

The Open Source Contest is an 11-day long competition where students compete to make as many contributions to open source projects as they can! By participating, students can get hands-on experience with Git, GitHub, and the open source contribution process, as well as build their resume by writing code for open source repositories.

How it Works

Students will be competing for three awards: Best Contributor, Best Issue, and Best Pull Request. The winner of each award will receive a GitHub Invertocat hoodie as a prize!

When the contest starts, students will receive GitHub invitations to join the open source repositories for the projects they will be contributing to. There are two projects: a discord bot that allows users to send anonymous messages, and a command-line version of the game Wordle.

Students can sign up for the contest from March 13th until March 19th at 11:59am. The contest will start on March 19th at 12pm, and run until March 30th at 11:59pm.

After the contest starts, and students have accepted the GitHub invitations to their repositories, they can start competing and making their contributions! Students can find a list of issues under the Issues tab of their repositories. These issues will list all the features, bugs, and fixes that they can work on to make contributions. These issues can be solved by writing code to address the problems the they describe, and then making a pull request for the code. Each issue will list an associated number of points which students will earn after solving them. Additionally, students can earn points by creating their own issues and solving those. Any issues that a student creates and solves will be evaluated by mentors to determine how many points they will earn for that issue. The more quality the issue, the more points it will get!

Once the contest ends, the judges will evaluate the pull requests and issues made by students to determine the winners of the prizes!

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How to Enter

To sign up for the contest, fill in the sign-up form by March 19th at 11:59am! In order to keep yourself updated on the contest as it unfolds, join the contest Discord server to receive announcements, instructions, and help from mentors. Make sure to join, as this is where all communication about the contest will take place!