What is CSSC?

The Computer Science Student Community (CSSC) is a community organization overseen by the Computer Science Faculty in MCS. Taking its roots from the Hacklab, the CSSC is tasked to support students’ academic and professional needs throughout their university career all while providing space and opportunity for community growth. The CSSC also acts as a central hub for computer science students to seek guidance, advice, and support. Furthermore, they act as a supporting pillar between all MCS student clubs/societies.

Guidance for Students

Student Support and Guidance

The CSSC aims to support all students within the Computer Science community and provide them with appropriate resources to combat their issues.

Academic Growth

Academic and Professional Growth

The CSSC aims to equip students with knowledge that helps them tailor their university experience to support their careers and post-graduation goals and aspirations.


Development of Technology Resources

The CSSC has devoted our technology team to develop processes and tools to help Computer Science students succeed academically and professionally.


Collaboration with MCS Clubs and Societies

The CSSC contributes resources to assist all clubs and societies within the MCS community.

Yousef Bulbulia's Img
Yousef Bulbulia
Executive Director

Yousef is a fourth year student double majoring in math and CS. As the executive director, he helps create and support initiatives that help students grow themselves academically and professionally. When he's not busy, you can find him playing guitar, hanging out on UTM discord servers, or dying in Apex Legends.

VyVy Ngo's Img
VyVy Ngo
Vice Executive Director

As the vice-executive director, VyVy wants to create a welcoming computer science environment by providing students access to any information they need. She has a passion learning and grabs any information within her reach. In her spare time, she enjoys book illumination and playing Skyrim.

Lance Tugade's Img
Lance Tugade
Director of Communications

Lance is a third-year student majoring in Computer Science and minoring in both Math and Education Studies. In his free time you can find him coding useful scripts, exploring different cuisines and singing. I am also very interested in education and how we learn. I am always excited to learn about new ways we can learn CS better

Kiara Callender
Director of Operations

Third Year student at UTM studying Computer Science and Criminology with a minor in political science. She enjoys anything anime and gaming related and she loves dogs!

Manjoy Malhotra's Img
Manjoy Malhotra
Director of Technology

Joy is a fifth year student double majoring in Computer Science and Professional Writing. She loves learning new tech, getting to explore different perspectives and learning about new culture’s, and teaching. She hopes to run initiatives that support students’ academic and career growth, and creating opportunities for students in the CS community!

Michael Liut
Faculty Advisor

Michael is a Computer Science educator who prides himself in fostering an environment of educational excellence through active and experiential learning. In recent years he has assisted in the development and implementation of active learning materials/strategies in several Computer Science courses at UTM. Michael enjoys travelling, and is an avid scuba diver.