Past Teams
Alexandra Thompson's Img
Alexandra Thompson
General Manager

Alexandra found her passion for working with students in her time as an undergraduate Computer Science teaching assistant. She enjoys conversations on the ups and downs of student life and her experience as an undergraduate. Alexandra loves to share her tips on overcoming struggles in university.

Chris Lim's Img
Chris Lim
Technical Director

Chris is our tech lead! He recently finished a CSC492 project where he created a tinder-like application for students to match with school clubs! If you need help with your personal projects or want to learn a new technology, he's your go to man!

Jessica Anderson's Img
Jessica Anderson
Operations Director

Jessica was accepted into UTM as an Accounting Student, but ended up wanting to do Computer Science, so she is ready to tackle any of your POSt questions. She always struggles to choose which courses are most important to take and she's ready to share her findings!

VyVy Ngo's Img
VyVy Ngo
Student Resource Curator

As the student resource curator, VyVy wants to create a welcoming computer science environment by providing students access to any information they need. She has a passion learning and grabs any information within her reach. In her spare time, she enjoys knitting and some Skyrim.

Nameera Azim's Img
Nameera Azim
Student Culture Coordinator

Nameera dedicates her time to connecting with the students within the Computer Science community to learn about what type of support they need and advocating for changes that improve their University experience. Feel free to shoot her message if you want to talk about anything - from internships to Earnest Hemmingway to new Marvel movies.

Michael Liut's Img
Michael Liut
Faculty Advisor

Michael is a Computer Science educator who prides himself in fostering an environment of educational excellence through active and experiential learning. In recent years he has assisted in the development and implementation of active learning materials/strategies in several Computer Science courses at UTM. Michael enjoys travelling, and is an avid scuba diver.

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