What is CSSC?

The Computer Science Student Community (CSSC) is a community organization overseen by the Computer Science Faculty in MCS. Taking its roots from the Hacklab, the CSSC is tasked to support students’ academic and professional needs throughout their university career all while providing space and opportunity for community growth. The CSSC also acts as a central hub for computer science students to seek guidance, advice, and support. Furthermore, they act as a supporting pillar between all MCS student clubs/societies.

Student Support and Guidance

The CSSC is an open space for Computer Science students to come in and ask questions about their university and post-university career. We cover topics such as: technology, school, mental health, personal goals, and career development. We act as liaisons to the Computer Science faculty to ensure that all students can seek appropriate support and guidance. The CSSC seeks to support students through community initiatives built upon inclusivity and empowerment.

Academic and Professional Growth

The CSSC will be collaborating with the MCS organizations and hosting multiple workshops throughout the academic year to better equip students with technological knowledge sought after by employers in the industry. We provide students with opportunities, space, and resources to work on community projects, technical interview questions, and fun technical events so students can gain experience outside of the classroom. The CSSC also aims to inform students of what options they have post-graduation with a Computer Science degree and how they can combine this degree with other fields.

Development of Technology Resources

The CSSC has devoted our technology team to develop processes and tools to help Computer Science students succeed academically and professionally. We curate resources from across the internet and produce original content all the while keeping the interest of students as the top priority.

Collaboration with MCS Clubs and Societies

The CSSC provides support to all of the clubs/societies belonging to UTM’s MCS community. We provide spaces and resources for MCS organizations and work closely with them in order to achieve common goals; some of which are: community building, academic achievements, professional development, mental wellness, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Meet the Team
Jessica Anderson's Img
Jessica Anderson
Executive Director

Jessica was accepted into UTM as an Accounting Student, but ended up wanting to do Computer Science, so she is ready to tackle any of your POSt questions. She always struggles to choose which courses are most important to take and she's ready to share her findings!

Nameera Azim's Img
Nameera Azim
Director of Communications

Nameera is a third-year student specializing in Computer Science and minoring in both Statistics and Business. On lazy days, you can probably find her reading, painting, fangirling over an MCU movie, watching the Premier League, or messing around with her ukulele! Feel free to reach out!

Naaz Sibia
Director of Operations

Naaz likes preference learning and Human-Computer Interaction (with a CS-ed focus). She also likes talking about mental health, and courses she's TA'ed. When not looking into the mentioned topics, or working to finish her bachelor's degree, she likes having 3 am discussions with friends, drawing chibis, and eating Chinese food.

Ritvik Bhardwaj's Img
Ritvik Bhardwaj
Director of Technology

Ritvik is a CS specialist with a hunger to learn new and exciting technologies. He loves learning about new things related to computer science :D

Yousef Bulbulia's Img
Yousef Bulbulia
Director of Technology

Yousef is a third year student double majoring in math and CS. As a co-tech director, he helps create and support initiatives that help students grow themselves academically and professionally. When he's not busy, you can find him playing guitar, hanging out on UTM discord servers, or dying in Apex Legends.

Michael Liut
Faculty Advisor

Michael is a Computer Science educator who prides himself in fostering an environment of educational excellence through active and experiential learning. In recent years he has assisted in the development and implementation of active learning materials/strategies in several Computer Science courses at UTM. Michael enjoys travelling, and is an avid scuba diver.

Isha Kerpal's Img
Isha Kerpal
Communications Officer

Isha enjoys handling the social media accounts for CSSC, helping plan our promotion strategies, and responding to the questions we get on our platforms from students. She enjoys overseeing the planning of events and making sure the process is smooth for the entire CSSC team.

Leila Uy's Img
Leila Uy
Communications Officer

In her free time, she enjoys going to unique food places with her friends. Whether it's taiyaki ice cream or 24-inch sliced pizza, she knows a place you can go together and she'll try anything at least once.

Hayden Mak
Logistics Officer

Hayden is a CS Specialist who really enjoys photography. You can find him around campus photographing events, listening to music, or at the RAWC table tennis room!

Sukhman Vig's Img
Sukhman Vig
Marketing Officer

Sukhman is studying Computer Science, Statistics and CCIT at UofT. She found her passion for supporting students while working as a Leadership and Mentorship Assistant at the Centre for Student Engagement. She enjoys conversations about student life, finding success as a woman in tech and mental health strategies.

Kiara Callender
Social Media Coordinator

Second Year student at UTM studying Computer Science and Criminology. She enjoys anything anime and gaming related and she loves dogs!

Elysia Monde Zhi Yong's Img
Elysia Monde Zhi Yong
Graphic Designer

Elysia is a CS Specialist and an avid drinker of pure black coffee. Why? For the energy to grind both CS projects, and digital drawings of course. Mostly the latter though.

Andriy Drozd's Img
Andriy Drozd
Technology Officer

Andriy is a third year Computer Science Specialist with an interest in web development. Andriy likes to learn and work with bleeding-edge technology.

Giang Bui's Img
Giang Bui
Technology Officer

First year student studying Computer Science and Management, with a passion for software development. Giang loves learning and experimenting with new technologies. In her free time, Giang enjoys cooking (and eating, so feel free to DM her for food tour :D), knitting and reading (her favorite genre is detective fiction).

Brian Zhang's Img
Brian Zhang
Technology Officer

Brian is a second-year majoring in computer science and CCIT with a keen interest in front-end development. He enjoys high-level software development as a whole but otherwise you can find him in one of UTM's many student communities or watching YouTube videos and playing various video games!

Manav Bhojak's Img
Manav Bhojak
Technology Officer

Manav is a fourth-year computer science specialist, with an interest in backend software development. He likes solving interesting complex problems and learning new things while doing so.