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What Is UI Design?

UI design—or user interface design—refers to the design of user interfaces and their associated aesthetics. A user interface is typically the graphical element of an application. This includes the colours and fonts of text, the placement of buttons, and the position of various elements of the interface.

Therefore UI design concerns itself with the overall look of a product and its aesthetic appeal. Good UI design is crucial, as a user interface will typically be the first element of a product a user will recognize.

What Is UX Design?

UX design—or user experience design—refers to the design of user experiences. A user experience refers to the journey and experience a user will undergo when navigating through a product. Such experiences include how the user may feel or how usable and/or accessible a concerned product may be.

Those designing user experiences will need to consider how the user will interact with a product and what features the user will be exposed to, and how these features will be delivered.

What’s the Difference?

There is a common misconception that UI and UX refer to the same concepts due to their focuses in the design of a product. While both UI and UX are related, they are not the same! UX focuses on the overall experience a user will have, while UI focuses on the aesthetics the user will be exposed to. UX will focus on the overall scope of the product and how it is used, while UI will focus on the visual design of the product.

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